Women are creatures with soft hearts, they are easily angry and baper. When a woman is sad she needs a person who ensures that she is beside her, and is always there at any time, with this she can be calmer because there is you beside her who will catch her when she falls. In the meantime, check out Sad Shayari if you need a social network for expressing your feelings.

Hug and kiss her forehead then say “everything will be fine”

“I’m okay” is one of the stupid words of a sad woman. Their words are often not the same as they feel. Women say this isn’t because they’re okay, but they don’t want to worry you and feel burdened with their sadness. They will melt when you say “everything will be fine” while hugging and kissing his forehead.

Become a good listener

When sad, a woman needs a place to pour out all her complaints and the contents of her heart. So, be that person, be a good listener, and give your best advice, but remember never to try to judge it and increase the burden of sadness.