The geofencing data helps us to narrow down search results from social media, we only focus on really important data. In the context of Big Data around the world, the amount of data that grows every day is really huge. The problem, in this case, is not how to get data, but how to get data that is truly valuable. Our focus on this large volume of data is to do tag-location filters, where data containing location tags helps us to get more valuable results and processing data. Every day the data that uses tag-location is around 30% of the total data volume. Many people post with location tags showing their existence in a location. Data and Information are very useful for processing data whose output can be used to make marketing decisions and strategies.

We can find out the behavior of people in a location by sampling data from social media. Such as when the hectic location and the most visited places and the user’s demographics at that location. Knowing the active users of these locations through data from social media, most users on social media leave their mark with check-in at that location. With data information using locations, we can find out the potential of a location. Business Owners in the Travel Industry who have travel tour packages can find New Prospective Customers by disseminating information to Prospective Customers at a potential location. Such as at the airport, or places visited by tourists who happen to be in the area.

Event organizers can find out about conversations that occur on Social Media during the Event and find out who is involved in the conversation. With the Location Based Marketing Platform on Social Media, being able to help you in the new Marketing Era, all you need to do is make time to interact directly with Social Media Users to make them your Customers or trust your Customers.