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If you're a Baby Boomer reading this page, then you've probably tried at least one weight loss diet plan in your life! What we'll try to do in this section is take a closer look at our weight issues and look into some of the on line weight loss support that's available to us.

However, I can't help but thinking about this scene from Family Matters while I'm writing this page. Just watch this and I hope you don't have a Steve Urkel in your life as you begin dieting!

Sorry, I just couldn't pass that up. Now back to the serious stuff.

While we may in principle understand the idea of cutting back in order to lose weight it is still helpful to have some kind of planned diet program to follow.

To find the weight loss diet plan that is right for you, first get clear about your own preferences.

Do you want to attend a weekly meeting and meet other individuals who are dieting on the same program?

Do you want meal replacements to help you lose weight?

Are you looking for a weight loss diet plan that targets a particular food group such as a low carb diet plan?

Do you need to be told what to do in detail or are you happy to take a set of general principles and adapt those to suit your lifestyle?

Are you more interested in weight loss diet plan that incorporate exercise as part of their plan?

It’s only by being clear about what you want and need from a weight loss diet plan that you can then begin to look at what is on offer and see which ones match your particular needs.

Just about any weight loss diet plan will work for you if you stick to it. The truth does sound brutal but there is no miracle to weight loss and perhaps you should be a little careful of any weight loss system that claims miracle results. No system by itself can be miraculous. It is you who will be doing the work.

In much the same way as a piece of gym equipment will never make you fit if you don’t use it, no weight loss diet plan can help you to lose weight if you don’t stick to it.

Take some time, read the marketing materials, attend meetings as a guest, explore some websites. Get a feel for how the various diet programs work. If you know you will not be happy in the long term eating restricted amounts of foods, perhaps discount those programs that give you a calorie or point allocation per day. Instead, favor those programs that allow you to eat as much as you like but restrict the types of foods from which you can make your selections.

If food quantity is not so much of an issue for you but food variety is, you may be happier eating whatever you want but stopping when you have ‘spent’ your daily calorie or points allowance.

If you find it very difficult to exercise any self control around food or if you have a lot of weight to lose you might want to look at those weight loss diet plans that include meal replacements as part of the deal. This means you will be substituting at least one and sometimes all meals with a soup, shake or bar provided by the diet company. (This is sometimes not the most social of options).

The weight loss diet plan that will work for you is the one you find it easiest to stick to and for that reason you need to research the options offered by the various weight loss diet plans on the market to make the best possible choice.

However, before we go any further it would be a good idea to understand the concept of metabolism and how it can relate to a weight loss diet plan.

On Line Weight Loss Support

A quick search on Google reveals an extensive choice of online weight loss support, which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

The question is, are online weight loss programs effective?

The answer has to be that the success or failure of the program is dependent in large part on the individual following it and if you are looking for an online solution to your diet and weight loss problems the best starting point is to be clear about what you actually need from such services.

Are you simply seeking an online weight loss support group? Is it moral support you seek rather than food plans and calorie information?

Do you want access to some kind of diet calculator - be it for calories or points?

Would a diet tracker be useful and motivating or some other kind of diet software?

Perhaps you just want to read a diet blog for inspiration or visit a weight loss website for ideas?

Would it be helpful to have health and fitness information included in the program rather than just articles on diets and dieting?

By taking the time to explore the functionality offered by the various online weight loss support programs you can begin to decide what functions, services and mode of delivery will be of most benefit to you and this in turn increases the chances that the program will be effective for you.

Some online weight loss support programs are offered by food manufacturers (you’ll recognize some of the brand names), others are offered by supermarkets. As you will surely realize underlying these services is the opportunity to influence your buying decisions in the service providers favor. This doesn’t mean the services they offer are not worthwhile - it just means you need to be aware of the marketing motive.

There are other weight loss diet plans offered by the recognized diet and weight loss companies who all now seem to offer an online option to attending weekly classes.

Think about which brands you know, like and trust. If you have faith in the company providing the solution you are more likely to stick to the program.

Another consideration when selecting a weight loss diet plan is your personal budget. You’ll find a range of options online from free to $hundreds. Some of these fees include the cost of meal replacement bars, soups and shakes which are supplied to you as part of the deal. Do you want or need these?

As with any weight loss diet plan, online diet programs can only be effective if they are followed and adhered to. The onus is on you to make the healthy choices. No-one can do that for you. There is no doubt that weight loss websites can provide a range of tools, information and support to help you lose weight - only you can decide which of those will be most useful to you.

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