Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms
Just What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are the same as Type 1. What differs is the speed in which the diabetes symptoms develop.

Type 1 diabetes is the form of the disease caused by complete failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. Diabetes 1 symptoms include:- Excessive thirst- Excessive urination- Tiredness- Unexplained weight loss- A general feeling of being unwell

These symptoms develop over days and weeks and, if left undiagnosed and untreated, sugar in the cells of the body increases blood glucose levels which in turn leads to coma and death.

Why does the pancreas stop working? It's thought to be an autoimmune syndrome that causes diabetes mellitus. When the antibodies, made to attack viruses and bacteria enter the body, they begin instead to attack parts of the body itself, this is described as an autoimmune response. Research continues into what triggers this autoimmune response and why the antibodies then attack the cells the body actually needs.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are identical to those listed for Type 1 diabetes. The difference between the two conditions being that type 2 diabetics have a pancreas that continues to work, albeit at below normal levels, or they may have insulin resistance - a term that describes the body's inability to utilise the insulin that is produced. In either case, because some insulin is still being produced by the pancreas, the warning signs are slower to develop, health deteriorates over an extended period with the result that it may be a while before the doctor is able to diagnose his/her patient.

The early symptoms diabetes type 2 are not dramatic which can mean they are ignored but it is worth mentioning any increased levels of thirst or urination to your doctor and to have sugar levels checked. It is a simple process to test a sample of urine for glucose levels and, if the results suggest a medical diagnosis of diabetes, a blood test will be taken to confirm the condition.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms should not be ignored as the risk to diabetic patients increases swiftly and rapidly if the condition is left untreated - particularly in the case of type 1 diabetes.

When the early symptoms diabetes type 2 are ignored or not spotted, and the disease is allowed to progress without treatment, the continued high levels of glucose in the blood can cause other types of health conditions to develop. Vision can be affected, poor circulation and hardening of the arteries can cause problems with feet, impotence, strokes and heart attacks. The earlier diabetics are diagnosed and begin treatment to control their blood glucose levels the better chance they have of minimizing the risk of other health conditions developing.

All general medical practitioners carry information about type 2 diabetes symptoms containing diabetes answers and facts on diabetes. An increased awareness of the disease means it is often picked up during routine check-ups or perhaps during tests carried out for another, seemingly unrelated, health condition.

By noticing any possible early symptoms diabetes type 2 and questioning "Do I have diabetes?" you can obtain early diagnosis and treatment to control and manage the disease. You can also find out more about Type 2 diabetes symptoms at Web MD's website.

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