Type 2 Diabetes Diet
Food and Nutrition for
Type 2 Diabetics

A type 2 diabetes diet is really no different from the healthy diet advocated for everyone. It is not necessary to buy special diabetes food, it is sensible to pay attention to diabetes nutrition and your doctor may well recommend a diabetes diet plan if you are overweight or obese in order that you can lose some weight to make the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels easier.

The main purpose of following a type 2 diabetes diet is to help the diabetic maintain blood sugar levels within a healthy range and keep blood fats (lipids) at a level that reduces the risk of vascular disease - a known complication of diabetes.

Food and nutrition requirements are very personal and can be influenced not just by a health condition but by budget, culture, location and a willingness to learn and make changes.

Type 2 diabetes diets include all of the healthy eating recommendations made by just about every nutrition authority: high fibre/low glycemic carbohydrates, low fat dairy products, water, oily fish, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a reduction in saturated fats.

By eating unprocessed, fresh foods you maximise your nutrient intake which naturally works to improve the lowered levels of many of the trace elements that have been shown to be lacking in diabetics. You effortlessly improve your nutrition profile without running the risk of accidentally overdosing on a particular nutrient or setting up conflicts between prescribed medication and supplements.

Here's some advice about making healthy food choices from the American Diabetes Association.

It is not necessary to follow a low carb diet - that is a diabetes myth. It is necessary to eat regularly, always carry a suitable snack with you, test your blood sugar levels at intervals suggested by your health specialist and then enjoy your food.

If you keep a diabetes log book you will quickly come to understand the nature of your condition. You will be able to spot which foods to avoid - and the ones that are okay for you. Your body is as individual as you are and it is only by paying attention to your glucose tests that you can learn what type 2 diabetes diet suits you best.

Don't be tempted to restrict your diet (unless your medical practitioner tells you to)- that can only have the effect of making life miserable. Treat yourself to some interesting cookbooks, experiment with new ingredients, invite friends around to share your meals so they can see catering for a diabetic is not difficult or frightening.

Be sensible about the quantity you eat and the level of exercise you take. Overeating and piling on the pounds is no healthier for a diabetic than it is for anyone else. Watch for the comfort eating sometimes triggered by diabetes related depression - and be prepared to combat it with healthy snacks and nibbles that will not throw out your blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes diets are nothing other than a regular healthy eating plan combined with self monitoring and any prescribed medication - there's no need to make it any more complex than that.

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