Education is an important thing for the sake of capital to achieve the future. No doubt if education is a priority for everyone. Education itself is identical to be obtained from school. For students, uniforms for school certainly become sacred objects that are very important because they must be worn when going to school. When using uniforms for school, most students feel that they are so geeky that they often don’t believe in themselves.

There is no question of uniform design and color because everything is made the same so there is no social level in the school. Even so, you can still look cool using uniforms with the following tips:

Sew it yourself

Many experiences from students where when using uniforms that are bought directly in school the majority find the same complaints including thin materials, less neat stitches to the size that does not fit. To overcome this dilemma, you can use a uniform with your own sewing. By sewing it yourself in a tailor, you will be able to get a uniform with the right size and of course the choice of material is comfortable because it is handpicked.

Mix and match uniforms

Using a school uniform may look old-fashioned and geeky when you only use a uniform. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to combine uniforms with other clothes. Afraid of being scolded by the teacher? Take it easy because the solids are even simple, namely jackets, cardigans and other outer. By using additional solids, the uniform will look more stylish. If you want to hang out with friends after school, it will still be suitable.