Arranging Florence Residence often means we have to be smart in dividing the function of space, especially if the number of rooms is quite limited. Arranging a condo is often quite difficult due to a large amount of furniture. The choice of colors and the arrangement of the location of the furniture also have a considerable influence on arranging the condo. This sometimes makes us frustrated, arranging condos is an annoying thing because the condo is not neat.

For those of you who also have problems arranging the condo, let’s take a look at the tips on arranging the condo so it’s always neat. Guaranteed, you and your family will be more at home in the condo.

1. Save the Goods in the Place

Arranging a Florence Residence will be more difficult when many items are scattered everywhere, especially small objects. To prevent this, all goods in your condition must have a fixed storage area.

Besides being neater, you will also not have trouble finding when you need it. Provide a drawer or container, even a special cabinet in each room for easily lost objects such as keys, scissors, or change. After use, immediately return it to its place. Try to be disciplined, once you place it carelessly, mess starts immediately. As a result, arranging the condo becomes more tiring.

2. Choose Furniture Wisely

Do not let the wrong choice of furniture! Having lots of furniture on the Florence Residence is the same as adding work when arranging a condo. So you should be wise to choose what furniture is really needed in order to make the condo more effective.

Choose multifunctional furniture and furniture even though they are large. Choose a closet with lots of space so that all of your things can get in and not spill out of the closet. Avoid using thick or round ornaments, because it will make the furniture look heavy. Align the color of the furniture with the walls of the room. Too many colors in one Florence Residence room will make the room look narrower.