Factors causing drug, alcohol and cigarette abuse among adolescents are most often due to family disabilities. So, create a harmonious and loving relationship at home. This makes the child no need to look for happiness outside the home. Because children have got an abundance of love and happiness from parents with a pleasant atmosphere at home. On the other hand, check out drug detox centers when you need to find a good place to heal yourself or someone from drugs or alcohol addiction.

Face the problem quickly

If you suspect the child is using drugs, act immediately. Some studies show that people who try drugs at a younger age are at greater risk of becoming addicts. So, always be aware of moms. If you suspect the child is using drugs, try investigating the truth. If it is proven, do something so that the child stops using the illicit goods, such as doing rehabilitation.

Build emotional bonds

Children with mental health problems, or who have difficulty managing emotions, have a higher risk of becoming drug and alcohol users. Building emotional support from the family from an early age can stem the problems associated with drug abuse in adolescents.

Experts from Columbia University found that children who had the opportunity to have dinner with their families tended not to fall into the use of drugs or drinks. So moms, never forget to continue to build emotional bonds with children. Try to have dinner together at home. Or invite them to chat before they sleep. The point is always to establish good communication with children. So they never feel ignored.

Give a real case example

Many examples of cases of children involved in drugs. How their future is destroyed, parents are disappointed, not to mention various diseases and health problems experienced by drug addicts.

Explain to children in detail the impacts and risks they will receive if they take drugs. Thus children are expected to be more vigilant and avoid the dangers of drugs.