The first thing I usually do and can try is to find info about Film Reviews that you want to watch. Can search on Google or other searches. In the meantime, try the ShowBox app to know the latest info about the upcoming popular movies.

1- Poster

First, it can be seen from the Movie Poster that you want to watch. Because usually, just from the poster can determine the film is good or not good. So, please search for the intended movie poster.

2- Player (Cast)

The second is usually seen from the cast (cast). Because if the player is already famous, usually the film also allows good quality, from the storyline or the effect.

3- Synopsis

And the third is definitely a synopsis to plot the storyline of the film we want to watch. It’s because surely, I want to know the synopsis of the story is rich, right. If the synopsis is interesting or intriguing, it is usually a good reason to watch in theaters.