For some individuals, doesn’t sound so familiar since they never use it before. What kind of workout do you like? Have you ever wondered about getting different workout experience? Everything is possible to wear when it comes to workout, especially with the presence of so many training tools and equipment. While looking for more info related to the use and the works of training mask, you can do the preparation, so the workout result will be in according to your expectation.

Intensity of exercise

All explosive movements require enormous energy “. This means that energy expenditure is an indication of the intensity level of a job. The intensity of the exercise can be measured in various ways, the easiest is by measuring the heart rate

Volume of Exercises

In an exercise usually contains drill-drills or other forms of exercise. The content of the exercise or the number of tasks to be completed is called the volume of the exercise.

Frequency of Exercise

Similar to the volume of exercise, the frequency of exercise has a relationship with the intensity and duration of exercise. The higher the intensity and the longer the time of each exercise the exercise frequency is less.

Time to Recover

Period recovery or recovery of any completion of a task is a matter of note because it involves general body readiness and muscles in particular to receive the next task load. Physical adaptation occurs at rest because at that time the body builds preparations for the next movement. Then enough rest will give maximum results. If you are over-active and do not give the body a chance to rest between sessions, you will experience fatigue or even setbacks.

Aside from understanding those points of workout, you also must know the presence of bulk tools designed to support you achieve an optimal result. Using training mask is one of many ways to ensure that you have the chance to optimum workout result.