According to aircon servicing, the application of ac, unless identified as AC, has converted necessary in almost a quantity of homes. There are even a number of people who cannot live without air conditioning, the mind needs ac in their rooms, buildings, vehicles, theaters and almost everywhere. Why do we want air conditioning? In a way, it’s easy to understand that we need air conditioning because the surrounding temperature is very high or hot. That’s right, that’s one of the main reasons when we feel excessive heat in our bodies, so we need to cool it down. Apart from the surroundings, the cause of heat can also be due to a number of other sources that release heat in the room, which causes an increase in room temperature and thus causes discomfort in the room. The air conditioner produces comfort conditions in the human body, where humans will tend to feel very comfortable when using air conditioning.

In this condition the efficiency of human work becomes maximum, so they are able to work with greater enthusiasm. It has been found by research that under conditions of comfort human work capacity increases. If the room temperature is very high, not all heat from the body is released and people feel uncomfortable from the inside which causes irritation of the mind and lack of concentration. People also tend to feel bored quickly in hot temperatures. In the comfort conditions created by AC, people feel calm from in and are worthy to work better. Fresh air improves personalities do more work. AC helps circulate air filtered in the room or office. This air is clear from sand and dirt scraps, vapor, micro-organisms, bacteria, and others. With air conditioning, a healthy environment created in the room and the health of people will always be increased because of it.

The room and office windows will be closed when turning on the air conditioner, so there is very little noise from outside entering the room/office. And the AC itself makes very low noise. Thus there will be calm in the room, which provides a relaxing sleep at night and also keeps peace within the hospital and theater. Noise in an air-conditioned room can be further reduced by the use of soundproofing on the walls of the room.