Stress Relief Games

Use Stress Relief Games to Relieve Your Stress

You are probably aware of all the medical help you can get to deal with stress. There are also recommendations made to do exercise, yoga or meditation too. Are you looking for a more fun way to relieve your stress during the day? Do you want to do something enjoying while getting your stressers off your mind? Then read on to find out about stress relief games and how they can help you lower your anxiety level.

Types of Games to Help Reduce Stress

1. Video games are great for losing yourself in. There are so many types of them today too. There are the shooter games that take you through different scenarios where you have to protect your life to the sports games played with motion-sensing devices. Which of these games appeals to you is totally a personal preference. The main thing is choose the video game system and the game that suits your nature. Make sure the game is one that really relieves your stress and not adds to it. Be sure to pick a stress reducer game that is within your ability range. The video games today even come with Yoga instructional games. Yoga has long been known to relieve anxiety. Check this out with your video system.

2. There are many computer/app games now that are available for download. These stress relief games can be played in between work chores or at home for fun and relaxation. Some of the games have you break glass, how many times have you felt like you wanted to shatter a window when you were stressed? Here is your chance.

3. Sports participation is a great stress reliever as well as an effective way to get exercise. Playing basketball, bowling, softball, tennis or other sports are great stress relief games. They also get you out of the house and with other people. Sometimes just the interaction with other people can take your mind off stress let alone playing in the games. Many adult and children's leagues exist so it is not hard to find something to participate in.

4. Playing cards with family and friends also can relieve anxiety. Many of the card games can even be played in teams. You can also play solitaire by yourself. There are so many variations of this stress reducer game that you can play when you are alone. Find one that is interesting enough to get your mind off your anxiety.

5. Doing Sodoku puzzles online or in books is another of the games you can play to reduce stress. Other puzzles too can be considered games of sorts. Puzzles make you think and while you are thinking about solving them, you are not thinking about the thing that is stressing you out! This helps you relax.

Any game for that fact can relieve stress. Just pick which one you like to play or participate in. While you are having fun, you are lowering you anxiety level without even thinking about it. Make the game something you do on a regular basis or mix in other games too.

You can do a search with Google for the online versions of the stress relief games. There are many sites where you can play games too. Of course, there are also the board games we Baby Boomers grew up with as well. From Scrabble to Parcheesi these games can still be bought and played the old-fashioned way! Checkers, chess and backgammon can be stress relievers too.

How Do Games Help Relieve Stress?

The games work in a similar method as the meditation does. You focus on something other than your problems for a period of time. This helps to relax your mind. The point of playing these games is to divert your mind long enough to give it a break from the worry or pressure it is feeling. When you do the physical games as in sports, you also burn off excess energy and use up some stress hormones, which also help you relax.

So if you are feeling stressed right now turn to the stress relief games mentioned above or choose a stress reducer game that you like that is not mentioned. As long as it effectively helps you handle your stress it doesn't matter which game you play.

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