Singles as a child and as an adult.

by Jan

I started getting Shingles when I was ten years old. I always got the rash in the same area namely on the top of my left shoulder. Before the rash made an appearance my glands would swell up & I'd be feeling pretty sick. The blisters that developed were in a large patch. My mother would take me to the doctor & he would prescribe some sort of ointment with an anesthetic in it. The shingles would be dressed and the dressing changed twice a day. I also took an aspirin medication for the pain. The whole episode of shingles would last for approx two weeks.

As an adult I've continued to be plagued by shingles always the same area the only difference to the attacks I have now compared to that of a child would be that I have fewer blisters. I was told by doctors that I could not have had Shingles as a child and for sometime I was left wondering about this however due to the wonders of the internet I've since realized that yes children can get Shingles as well as adults.

So tonight I'm in severe pain. The pain is stabbing in nature and brings me almost to tears. So far I have taken Ibuprofen & a Paracetamol/with codeine tablet & neither has worked as yet. This would have to be the worst attack yet in terms of pain before the blisters make their appearance. I've had a headache and have been feeling pretty blah for a couple of days so I now know what is going on. When the Shingles finally makes an appearance I will get relief from the stabbing pain and most probably (hopefully) only then have discomfort. After reading about the ant-virals that can now be prescribed I will be off to the doctor tomorrow to get a prescription for them. I wouldn't wish Shingles on anyone they are awful and plenty of people have been misdiagnosed initially anyway with all sorts of illness when in reality they were cooking a dose of shingles. I've heard that ice packs help with the pain I've not heard of this before so I am thinking I will give this a go. I'm also going to get vaccinated against Shingles once this bout is over with because even though I've had Shingles I've heard that vaccination can help lessen or stop further attacks.

I'm really hoping I can grab some sleep tonight )-: Pain seems to be always worse in the night time well that's how it is for me anyway the night has no distractions.

My heart goes out to anyone who is reading what I have written because as I said I wouldn't want anyone to go through this. Good luck if you or a loved one is dealing with Shingles.

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