Signs of Stress

When signs of stress show up in our lives, we must not ignore them. Left alone these signs could grow into a bigger problem like anxiety or panic attacks. If addressed promptly you can at least learn how to deal with stress more constructively. However not everyone knows how stress shows up and therefore misses the chance to deal with it early. So below, we'll take a look at the symptoms of stress and how to spot them.

Warning Signs You Need to Know

The signs of stress can have physical manifestations along with mental ones.

The Physical Signs

When you are stressed, the first thing you do is tense up your body. This can even lead to tension headaches. These are not uncommon at all when you are having trouble with anxiety.

Your heart can also start beating faster and your blood pressure can go up. This is just your survival instinct kicking in. If you are under stress too long, these signs of stress can even result in more serious heart problems.

Since your body tenses up you can cause your whole body to have pain. Your back can hurt along with other areas. The muscles tense and when they do they can have pain. Sometimes the tension even has to be massaged out of them.

Sleep problems are common symptoms of stress too. You toss and turn at night when problems or situations have you feeling anxious. This will make you not able to do your job properly the next day. Poor job performance could lose you your job! So seek out help if you are having problems sleeping.

The immune system for your body could also be affected adversely by stress. This could lead to you getting ill. When the body is all tense, many of the systems in the body do not work right.

The Mental Signs

The first mental signs of stress is anxiety. Sometimes this feeling can be as strong as fear. This can cause some of the physical signs hat we just mentioned.

Worry, depression, and sadness can also be signs of stress. Worrying over problems only keeps you tense. This can make you sad and/or depressed. You can even become quite irritable.

Anger can be a sign of stress that you exhibit. This anger could make you lash out over the simplest of things. Things you would not normally get upset about.

Because you could be having trouble sleeping like we mentioned above, you could start feeling burned out and in need of a rest. This can also result in forgetfulness and lack of focus.

All these uneasy emotions can make you feel very insecure. Stress and feeling insecure can lead to outbreaks of panic attacks if you are not careful. You need to do something to feel secure again. Take a break, talk to a close friend or even seek out help from a professional if need be.

Because of all the physical and emotional symptoms of stress you have your behavior might take a turn for the worse too. Overeating or under-eating are two of the things not just you but many people do when stress is felt. This can lead to either excessive weight being gained or lost.

Since you might be getting angry like stated above you might have outbursts of temper. This could make you blow up at people around you. Something like this can chase off any close friends.

You might even turn to alcohol to soothe your stress. However, this is not a good idea as alcohol is a depressant so it can just make you feel worse. You need to resist this urge when feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

If you smoke, you might smoke more than usual. This is bad for your health in the first place and if you do it more often you're really amaking it worse on your body and only reinforcing the nicotine addition.

You could have conflicts with friends or relatives feeling so stressed too. This could lead to relationship problems that are hard to solve. Crying jags and withdrawing socially are some more symptoms for stress. Some problems can just bring on the tears because the stress is so heavy. You become so miserable that you don't even want to see anyone so you withdraw socially. This alienation can just add to your stress.

If you are exhibiting any of the signs of stress mentioned here, you need to seek out help from a family member, friend or even a medicial professional. The sooner you get relief from stress the quicker you can return to having a more normal life.

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