Registered Nurse

by Charlene Richards
(Los Angeles, California)

Around February 16th, 2012, a Thursday, I noticed an itchy rash on my right side at my waist. I thought it might be a bug bite and simply ignored it.

Then on that Saturday night I noticed a string of pearl-like blisters near my umbilicus. As a nurse I knew immediately that it was shingles.

Of course the next day was Sunday and I was in no acute distress so I saw the doctor on Monday. He looked at me and I told him my suspicions. He said, "Well, I think you are right! It is only on the right torso of your body and it follows a near perfect path." Then he said, "So. What's been stressing you out?" (I live with my son, daughter-in-law and my two year old granddaughter). Enough said.

He ordered Acyclovir 800 mg. 5 times a day and he also ordered Ambien for me since I was having trouble sleeping at that time which was unresolved by melatonin, Yogi bedtime tea and lavender aromatherapy on my wrist (and lots and lots of reading!).

He kept looking at me puzzled saying, "Are you SURE you are not having any pain with this?!" I told him, "No. Just a mild stinging that I wouldn't even consider taking an aspirin for."

So I went to the health food store and picked up some CLEAR for shingles which is a homeopathic/herbal formula, some lysine and B 12. I am taking 1000 mg. of lysine twice a day. And 2000 mcg. of B 12 twice a day.

By Thursday/Friday the two areas were REALLY burning. So I started hunting online for a natural topical application and ended up putting a poultice of baking soda/water on them. It actually did relieve a significant amount of the burning. To keep the poultice moist I put a small sheet of Saran wrap over the 4x4.

By Monday I had turned a corner on the pain but really wanted to go after getting this healed as quickly as possible so I headed back to the health food store.

I picked up some Chaga mushroom extract, an anti-oxidant to support my immune system and I started taking 3 capsules twice a day. I also picked up a tube of ASAP gel that contains silver. I figure it is kind of a poor man's burn gel similar to the very expensive Silvadene cream that is used in burn units. (Most folks don't realize that colloidal silver can be taken internally as a potent anti-bacterial/anti-viral and is used widely in medicine as a topical agent to coat catheters, seal vents in reverse isolation rooms etc.)

I put the gel on the blistered patches with 4x4's starting yesterday afternoon and by this morning they are WELL on their way to being healed.

So, it's been about 2 weeks now since the onset of symptoms and I feel pretty good and the wounds I have are well on their way to healing.

Not sure which of the supplements/Acyclovir/cream etc. has helped the most. Probably it's the combination of the medical regimen, getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet, trying to keep my stress levels down and I also quit drinking alcohol for Lent so that too has probably helped.

The reason I checked out this site is because I was wondering if this bout of shingles will "vaccinate" me from future outbreaks so I don't have to get the vaccine. Apparently it does, so I will now forgo getting the vaccine in the future.

I figure after the past two weeks I have PLENTY of live shingles virus in me to immunize my body!

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