If noted, the car theft mode is increasingly diverse. Criminals are getting smarter to launch their actions. For example, swapping the vehicle number plate then pairing it in the target vehicle. Usually, this case occurs in a public parking lot. There are also cases where thieves use spark plugs to break glass without sound. There was also a remote signal that didn’t work because it was confused with using radio jamming or a special device held by a thief.

An example of a case up front certainly requires the car owner to turn his brain thinking about how to keep his mount safe. One way is to add additional security devices such as replacement car keys Dublin. However, there are indeed several vehicles from the manufacturer that have been equipped with these tools. What are the enhancements? First is the alarm. The most commonly found device will make a noise if the vehicle is tampered with improperly, for example, the door is forced open.

The second is the steering wheel lock. As the name suggests, this stick-shaped tool is mounted across the steering wheel or steering wheel. This makes the steering wheel unable to move unless the key is removed. Third, car owners can use the immobilizer device. The way these device works is simple. He only pairs a type of sensor on the key. The car engine will only live if the key used is the one with the sensor. Fourth is a double key. The function of this accessory is not much different from the steering wheel lock, which is to prevent the car from moving.

Which includes double locks here including the clutch and brake locks. Last is a tracker. This device is connected to the satellite (GPS), which allows the driver to know where the vehicle is through certain devices in real time. In fact, some of the latest technologies allow vehicle owners to turn off their cars using only the telephone. Park your car in a fairly crowded area. This area also counts as a taboo area for them to carry out theft activities.