The way to purify swimming pool water is actually not too difficult, which we must know for basic reference is the characteristics of the pool water. The character or even the nature of the content in the water also various kinds, knowing the character of water at the beginning of treatment will help us to determine the dose of chemical use in the pool. By knowing the character of the water in our swimming pool, you know what chemical will be used to clear the pool. You can get help by contacting pool companies in lexington sc.

The content of compounds contained in water will be a determinant to clear the pool water. Usually, new water or water that will be inserted into the swimming pool contains compounds that are still not stable. This condition will affect the treatment and/or administration of chemical composition into the swimming pool.

The mossy green swimming pool water is easily observed by the naked eye. We can see at the bottom and on the wall of the swimming pool overgrown with soft moss and it can be ascertained that your swimming pool has a chemical deficiency. The thing to do when you find a problem like this is to add a chemical in the form of 90% granular into your pool.

If you ask what size of chemical you should use for this problem, it all depends on the size of the pool you have and the level of damage to your pool water. In addition, you can also clean the pool walls and bottom of the pool by using a pool brush (Pool Brush) after doing a complete vacuum in your pool.

This is done so that the algae and algae that grow or stick to the pool ceramics are able to lift to the surface. By brushing all parts of the pool you have is able to maximize the performance of using a chemical to clear your pool. Because if you use a chemical alone the moss and algae will continue to grow. By brushing all parts of the pool, you can reduce the amount of chemical that must be used.