How Does Stress Affect Health?

So, just how does stress affect health?

Our reasons for stress over the years have changed but not the way it affects us. We used to have to fight off beasts to stay alive. Now that is a stress we are glad we don't have today. The stresses now are basically centered around work, finances, relationships and our health. There are physical and mental repercussions felt from getting too stressed out. How does stress affect health in the body and the mind of people? We will be taking a look at not only what the stress effects body functions are that you will feel, but also how it can affect your mind.

Health Effects from Stress

The way the human body is made makes it natural for it to respond to stress. While stress can make you more alert to danger to protect you, it can also have negative effects on your health. These negative effects happen when the stress is overwhelming to you. As long as you know how to handle anxiety in a constructive manner, the negative effects are small. But when you do not know how to deal with the stressors affecting you, this can cause you health problems. How does stress affect health?

Left unchecked, stress effects body and makes it react in some serious ways. You blood pressure can go up which can eventually affect your heart too. If your heart gets affected too much, you could even have a heart attack. You can have problems getting enough sleep and that will lead to you coming down sick in many instances. You can suffer tension headaches when anxiety is overwhelming you.

Stress alone can make the body not function properly. You tense up when you are feeling anxious this can affect how you breathe and how your blood flows. This can affect how you can get through your day. Certain diseases and disorders are known to be brought about by being too stressed.

One disorder that can happen when you are on overload is panic-attack disorder. Anxiety can make you feel like something bad is going to happen. This can lead to you acting irrationally, you panic. When you are in a panic mode there is no way you can think clearly. This can affect you daily life.

Cancer and other serious illnesses can be made worse by stress. Stress can make your body's immune system not function correctly. Therefore, you have a hard time fighting off these diseases too. This could prevent you getting back to a normal life. During illnesses like cancer, you must stay as positive as possible even under the stress. Seek out help if need be so that you can fight your disease the best way possible.

Depression can happen because of too much anxiety too. Say you have been out of work for awhile and it is getting hard to pay the bills, this could make your morale go so far down that you become depressed. When you are in this state for too long or too deeply this could lead to suicidal thoughts.

If you turn to drugs, alcohol or tobacco trying to relieve your stress you could get addicted. These things will not alleviate stress either, in fact they make it worse many times. They can hop you up or depress you worse. So do not use these to relax you from stress. Learn more effective measures instead such as meditation for one.

How does stress affect health even more than what has been mentioned? Your moods can swing from low to high and back. This can make you have manic episodes. When this happens, it can be hard on not just you but those around you too.

What to Do When Stress Affects You

When stress effect body so much that you cannot handle it on your own it is time to seek out help. There are many methods available today to relieve your anxiety. You do not need to suffer unnecessarily. You can get therapy, learn meditation, start an exercise routine, or take up yoga just to mention some ways of constructively relaxing yourself. Whichever way you choose, learn to control stress instead of letting it control you. How does stress affect health? Just remember what has been written here.

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