Cigarettes are indeed a very important requirement for some people. In fact, there are many people who cannot quit this habit. However, now there are cigarettes that are considered as a type of cigarette that is better than other cigarettes. Many people assume that electronic cigarettes have lower levels of nicotine. however, it still remains that e sigarett med nikotin.

Then, actually, what is the nicotine content in electronic cigarettes? Electric cigarette liquid itself has been offered in various levels of nicotine content. Generally, starting from levels of 0-36 mg nicotine per ml of liquid or higher. Well, usually liquids with a nicotine content of 3.6 percent or 36 grams are the highest level of nicotine content. Following is the order of common nicotine levels in e-cigarette liquids.

1. The nicotine content is 0 mg, usually chosen by people who have quit smoking. However, even though it is labeled 0 mg nicotine, it is not necessarily completely absent from nicotine in the vaping liquid.

2. 8 mg nicotine content, light smokers are usually chosen who usually smoke less than one pack a week. Even if the levels are mild, nicotine can still make addiction.

3. The content of nicotine is 16 mg, usually enjoyed by moderate smokers. Keep in mind that nicotine levels in e-cigarette fluids are almost comparable with nicotine levels in ordinary cigarettes. So, smoking electricity with this dose is the same as smoking with the type of tobacco. Instead of reducing smoking, you can be more addicted to this content.

4. The content of nicotine is 24 mg, usually enjoyed by heavy smokers who are used to smoking about one pack per day. Be careful, this nicotine level is so strong that it can cause health problems.

5. The content of nicotine is 36 mg, this is a very high level of nicotine. With nicotine levels of 24 mg can even cause health problems, especially if the level is 36 mg? With this level, there are even more addicted to nicotine.