Yes, there are so many companies or agencies you can choose for the best hajj packages. As said more and more, the right package choice seems like a must. If you already do the enrollment for Hajj worship, then what should so you do and prepare?

Before going to the Holy Land, start physical exercises regularly to maintain your health. The Hajj is very demanding and physically good. If you bring a cell phone, bring your ordinary mobile phone wherever you can. Don’t forget to bring a charger because you will be in Mecca for a few days to weeks which means that you may need to get in touch with loved ones at home.

Bring a camera, if it’s digital. Don’t forget to estimate the memory will be enough to take photos for 40 days. Don’t forget to also carry a camera charger. Don’t forget too, Bring a drink bottle that is light and has a rope to put on your shoulder or neck. The point is to bring zamzam water so that we are not dehydrated. Remember don’t wait for thirst to drink. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

In terms of preparation for science Prioritize to memorize the obligatory procedure for the Hajj. Learning circumcision worship can be done on the go. Have lots of questions, both from the guidance of Hajj rituals, Hajj travel CDs or to friends or family who have done the Hajj. Many places to pray in the holy land. Then prepare prayers that need to be read in time.

Almost all types of food and food ingredients from all over the world including from your home country are in Saudi Arabia especially in Mecca and Medina, so there is no need to bother bringing food. Carp and catfish that live are sold there.