Cracked walls are a phenomenon that many people avoid. Why? Because this indicates that the construction of the building is not in good condition. A cracked wall can collapse suddenly and harm yourself and others. Overcoming crack walls is not easy, you need professional wall patch services such as the block wall Phoenix. Block wall Phoenix has experience in overcoming crack walls made of any material.

In addition to the construction of unfavorable materials, there are other factors that can cause damage to the wall. The cracking of the wall structure can be overcome if the cause is found. The handling must also be based on the cause of the wall being damaged. Here we will present some of the causes of crack walls along with basic handling that is usually done by professionals:

– Foundation down
The foundation that has decreased is usually one of the causes of cracked walls. The easiest solution is to create a new foundation with an adjacent distance. Compaction on the ground under the new location is the first thing to do. After that, create a buffer column so that the load distribution can be distributed properly. This step can reduce the more severe wall cracks.

– Damage to the beam structure
If you find the cause of the crack is caused by damage to the structure of the beam, do not immediately take action. Professionals will usually check whether it is possible to add a building column to the bottom. If this is not possible, another solution is to inject with a special liquid, such as epoxy, to glue the cracks.

– Damage to the building support column
If an additional column is to be made, then the column will be built to help hold the damaged column by dividing the load. If this method really can’t be done, then use an injection system with epoxy liquid to glue the damaged column.

That is the basic handling of structural crack walls commonly carried out by professional wall repair services.