Condos like Van Holland are now a type of residential market that is increasingly in demand. The reason is simple, besides the location that is generally strategic to reach the city center, the price tag is also relatively affordable rather than buying a site unit.

To attract market interest, developers are competing to offer attractive promos to attract potential buyers. Starting with advances and minor installments, direct gift promos and so forth. So don’t be surprised if the vertical unit is the right choice to invest. Light installments and occupancy are fast becoming the reason. In addition, for young couples, Van Holland condos are also very practical to occupy. However, before being sure to set your heart to buy the condo unit, there are several things that need to be considered.

1. Display

Many people who crave have a residence with a beautiful view when opening a window. For this reason, in order to get a beautiful angle and view from the Van Holland condo window or balcony, you need to do a survey directly to the location. Unlike the house, the condos have many choices of free angles to choose from. For this reason, buying a condo that is already ready will be better than the one in the form of an image.

2. Security

Security is the next important factor when choosing condos. Generally, developers have equipped building security with CCTV cameras, access cards, security officers and so on. Besides that, there are other security factors that you need to check directly. For example, is the condition of the elevator and emergency stairs still good and working well? In addition, safety factors for young children also need attention.

3. Access

You must consider the speed of access to the lobby door even when choosing Van Holland condo unit. At rush hour, you can take a long time to access the elevator to the first floor. In addition to quickly accessing the ground floor, you also need to consider emergency conditions that can occur at any time.

4. Peace

For those of you who want a quiet and far from the noise unit, try choosing a residence that is located some distance from the elevator door or other facilities.