Causes of Stress

So many things can be causes of stress in your life. You may think that these causes are just all negative things that happen to you in your life. Yet, some happenings that are happy ones can cause you to be stressed too. Moving to a new house, having a baby or a job promotion can be stressful happy events. So, it is hard to figure out the biggest causes of stress with so many things that can happen to cause it. Let's examine some for stress; you decide what you think the biggest ones are.

Causes for Stress

1. The anxiety of having to perform on the job everyday is one of the biggest reasons for stress to happen. Many times, you have tight deadlines at the workplace. This can cause pressure and you may or may not work well under this pressure. It is quite normal for people to worry about their jobs even when they are at home. This can cause stress at home if you are not careful.

2. Another of the causes of stress is financial pressures. Finances or the lack thereof can cause people to be so anxious and nervous that they get really stressed out. It can be tricky to balance the budget each month. This causes so much worry for people. This is especially true when they are laid off of a job. When there is a lack of income, it can be impossible to pay the bills. Oh, the stress comes in big time in this situation. Financial situations are one of the biggest causes of stress there is throughout our lives. Unless you are a financial wizard, you are going to have some type of stress because of finances every once in a while in your life.

3. The relationships you have with people can also be factors in having stress in your life. For example an argument with a family member or friend. If you are having a hard time getting along with your spouse, this can be the worse kind of relationship stress. Unfortunately, many times this stress is not simply solved and leads to divorce. A lot of anxiety and insecurity can be felt with any relationship difficulties.

4. Health problems are also causes of stress. There are all degrees of these from minor aggravations to life-threatening diseases. You need to get medical help to solve the health problem before your anxiety even has a chance of dissipating.

5. Life changing events happen to all of us from time to time. These too can be stressful. Whether you are having a baby or have just been severely injured in a car accident, the stress can be overwhelming at times. Under these types of circumstances, you have to rely on your coping abilities to help you handle the anxiety. If you feel these abilities are lacking in yourself learn more about how to cope with stress.

6. Moving to a different location can be filled with anxiety. Especially, when you are leaving dear friends behind and having to make new ones. Also just the task of moving alone is enough to overwhelm you physically as well as mentally. So much has to be taken care of to move! It will take until the move is finished and you have the house set the way you want before most of the anxiety will lift. Just keep focused on the task at hand and you will see that soon you will be able to relax again.

Whatever your biggest causes of stress are for you, know that you can find help in dealing with them. For one thing learn what helps you relax some during periods of stress. And don't forget, there are many resources available for help today.

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