Boomer Memories

Boomer memories is designed to bring back memories of our generation. Some are wonderful, some more thought provoking. The Ol' Boomer didn't intend for this section to cover everything pertaining to our memories, but at least to give you some reflections. There is no time sequence intended here, but just a collection of images and music.

These pages do take a little longer to load as they contain a lot of video clips, so just sit back, get a cup of coffee or whatever and relax and enjoy some memories!

(There are several pages here so take your time Boomer.)

Remember how long we had to wait for the TV tubes to warm up before we could watch the TV?

The Kent State Slayings

Remember watching the "test patterns" on Saturday mornings while waiting for the TV stations to begin broadcasting?

Remember the roadside Burma Shave signs?

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