The Body Mass Index Formula

The body mass index formula (BMI) is an easy tool to determine if you are overweight (or even obese). Although not as accurate as a full-blown body fat measurement, it's a quick way for professionals and yourself to get a feel for potential health problems based on your weight to height ratio.

The body mass index formula was originally developed in the 1840's by Lambert Quetelet, a Belgian statistician, the BMI is now widely used by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) as well as by thousands in the medical field.

Now, most of us Baby Boomers know before calculating our BMI that we need to lose weight.

What we often don't realize is just how overweight we are and the health implications of our present weight. We normally compare ourselves to others who are much bigger than us and feel good that we're not that overweight. However, in modern western society, our eating habits have caused the majority of us to be more overweight than we realize resulting in potentially serious health issues for each of us.

I hope this information will help you "get a handle" on any weight issues you may have before they cause you serious problems. This has been beneficial for me.


Plus here's a downloadable chart using your weight and height in inches that you can have for future reference. (The Ol' Boomer tries to think of everything.)

A Word of Caution

The body mass index formula is not recommended for use regarding children, pregnant women, body builders and those with athletic physiques. Plus there has been some debate as to the Index's accuracy regarding specific individuals as well as ethnic and age groups so it would be best for you to consult with your personal physician and get his/her feedback before engaging in any activity or diet as a result of your personal calculations.

For Further Reading

about the body mass index formula you might want to visit the CDC's website.

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