The Best Weight Loss Program
for Baby Boomers

Is there really a single best weight loss program

for all Baby Boomers?

Of course, there isn't!

But there are certain basic principles that you can use to design
YOUR best weight loss program.


Most people approach dieting and weight loss looking to see significant results immediately. But have you ever noticed how so many Baby Boomers (maybe even yourself) go on a fad diet and get rapid weight loss only to revert back to their (your) old weight in just a few months? Why is that?

Because most programs do not consider the reality of how our lifestyles, eating habits and the aging process affect our weight.

What we'll look at in this section are the key principles for losing weight and keeping it off.

Our approach here is to use common sense, to eat healthier and to plan on a slow loss of weight (just a few pounds a week) while continuing to maintain this approach for the rest of your life.

The three principles for designing the Best Weight Loss Program
For Yourself

  • Take in fewer calories each day than your body burns off.
  • Keep your metabolism level at least where it is when you start or even increase it a little.
  • Make sure your program is safe for you by consulting your personal health professional before you start it.

Sounds simple doesn't it? And, really, it is but you're going to have to think this through and make some long-term adjustments in your lifestyle and eating habits Boomer.

Understanding Metabolism and Body Mass Index

Before we get into designing your best weight loss program we need to stop and make sure you understand two concepts: metabolism and body mass index.

Metabolism is a term used for how your body creates its energy by burning calories. Understanding this will help you to better design your program. This short video will provide you with enough basic information to get the concept down.

  • If you want more in-depth information here's a simple to understand article from Kid's Health.
  • Another thing you need to understand is where your weight stands in relation to recommended medical guidelines. This is commonly done by determining your Body Mass Index which you can do here.

I know! The index can be upsetting, can't it? But nevertheless, it's highly regarded by medical professionals.

Designing Your Own "Personal" Best Weight Loss Program

Now that you've gotten a better understanding of metabolism and your own BMI numbers, let's start designing your personal best weight loss program.

First - Let's start with your diet

  • You've got to lower your caloric intake, particularly from fats and carbs, on a daily basis. (Check with your medical professionsl about how much is best for you.)
  • While you need to maintain your daily recommended protein intake (Again, check with your medical advisor). Why? Because protein is the building block for your body. Remember, Boomer, you're trying to lose unneeded body fat, not essential nutrients!
  • Also, increasing your daily intake of dietary fiber (with approval of your medical advisor) can help you to lose weight. Why? Because fiber helps to give you that "full stomach" feeling thus helping to decrease your sense of feeling the need to eat more. Web MD has a good article about using fiber to help you with weight loss. You can read it here.

Second - Let's consider your metabolism

Your best weight loss program will require you to increase your physical activity, Baby Boomer, in order to keep your metabolism up after you start eating less. Why? Because as your caloric intake decreases, your body's metabolism will adjust to this lower caloric intake and start slowing down to compensate. The result will be that although you're eating less, your weight will stop going down because your metabolism has slowed down!

Plus, did you know that we Baby Boomers' normal metabolism rate slows about 5% per decade after age 40? (In case you hadn't noticed.) That's not helping you is it?

The good news is you don't have to become a "gym rat" or a marathon runner to increase your metabolism. You can keep your calorie burning metabolism up with some of these techniques (with the approval of your medical advisor).

By doing any one of these (or combination of these) 3 to 4 times a week:

  • Vigorous walking
  • Jogging
  • Biking even with a stationary bike
  • Taking stairs instead of elevators
  • Swimming
  • Or any type of sport such as tennis, handball (Something that will require constant motion and movement over a 30 minute time period.)
  • Mild lifting such as curling and/or pressing a handbell of only a few pounds for a set number of times
  • Or anything that builds some muscle mass

    Pssst! Did you know that even after you stop a muscle building exercise that your body will continue to burn calories for a while after you quit? That's like getting an extra calorie burning "hit" even after you stop lifting! Cool, eh?

If you do want get into weight training, I recommend you check out this website from a senior who is well versed in weight training for seniors.

For more information about diets and exercise check out these articles from some of our other contributors here at The Baby Boomers Webplace.

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