Baby Boomers Beware

Baby boomers beware of the hidden and obviously dangers lurking out there to scam our parents.

Telemarketers target seniors. Fifty to eighty percent of all scamming telemarketing calls are geared towards seniors. The problem has increased as more Americans move into the senior age group. As our society lives longer it faces many new challenges, and scamming is just one of many pitfalls our parent's may face.

Baby boomers have busy active lives, and do not always have the time, or the energy to check in on their parents as often as they would like to. Sometimes Baby Boomers live some distance away from their parents, and check in often via phone to get updates. However, unless some hint of disarray is mentioned by the parent, a scam in the making may not be discovered until it is too late. All too often it isn't until an investigation is launched, or the elder passes away that the discovery of one or more scams are found.

There are many articles, and public service announcements available to help safeguard our parents from getting scammed. It not that their not smart, but they can be venerable. The most noted and by far the best advice is: "If it sounds too good to be true, it is." Each year, more than twenty three million Americans fall victim to consumer fraud, and most of those people are over the age of fifty. Many older citizens have lost their life savings, their homes, and cars.

Baby Boomers can help prevent telemarketing fraud directed towards their parents by calling and placing their number on the Do Not call phone registry. Talk to seniors in your family; keep them mindful of current scams and sweet talkers. Advise them to get any offers in writing, and have a relative close by check it out, especially if you live some distance away. Have them send it to you so you can verify any amazing offers or prize. Remind them how important it is to never share personal information over the phone or the internet. Make sure they know that real businesses will not ask them for pertinent information such as their social security or bank account numbers. If the caller is persistent tell them its okay to hang up. Banks and other businesses would appreciate their vigilance in keeping scammers at bay. All the advice sounds so simple. Our parents have probably said all the aforementioned to us a hundred times.

Many seniors are lonely and fall prey to a kind voice on the other end of the line. So if you don't live close by it would be a good idea to know their neighbors and ask them to check in on them from time to time.

Lastly, ask your parents if they need help managing their finances. It may be a great way to open up discussions regarding money, and possible scammers.

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